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name: ekral & Vasil Rafailov
country: czech republic
Erik Kral, born in the Czech republic, 1977
Selfeducated musician/music producer. Started with ZX spectrum clone, then PC with FT2 and then directly to Jeskola Buzz and now to Buze. Uses PC, midi keyboard and occasionally bass and solo guitar. Creates mainly monothone and hypnotic songs. Only release is album "Svatky prachu/Days of dust". Published many songs on internet, worked with Ladproject, Ladislav Kostrbel, Pavel Kostrbel. Cool remix of "Closing your eyes" done by toska. Song rePhob done by Erik Kral and Ladproject was used as Barum Rally 2007 noncommercial video soundtrack.

Freelance joywriter. Worked on a few selfconducted streetart projects in Czech republic and Bulgaria combining own poetry writings and drawings by M.Havlicek. Also voice and lyrics on CD Days of dust with Erik Kral and Spravni kluci (stories, ideas) with Petr Stepanek. Author of unpublished, undrawn comics story Ostrava about four romantic characters seeking the truth in a transforming society through and with the help of ganja smoking God / creator of the now then and before. Great admirer of a few true Czech big time