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name: die minimalistin
country: Germany
Tanja Dovens, born on Sep5,1975 and living in Berlin, received a classical piano-training at the music-academy in Hamburg plus education in composition and audition. At the age of 13 she already developed her own compositions in classical minimal-music that still plays an important role in her musical activities nowadays. In December 2006 the first computer-compositions involving music-software, VST-plug-ins and VST-instruments were developed. Tanja D. likes to integrate noise-recordings of everyday life (ventilation-systems, tubes, etc.) as well as lyrics and her own voice. After having tested various styles of electronic music (e.g. minimal techno) she soon discovered the experimental electronic style and dark-ambient-genre. Currently she mainly concentrates on experimental dark-ambient-soundscapes and production of surreal sounds accompanying visual artworks. Inspired by the established project Exurban founded by the artist ADAMNED.AGE, she began to deal with the photographic/visual realisation of experimental contents and ex-urban rooms as basis for musical soundscapes. The most important aspect is the audiovisuality reference in her works; associative journeys through abstract, irreal and fantastic worlds or experienced events.

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