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name: Groupzero
country: Italy
Cristian Sommaiuolo (alias GroupZero) was born in Napoli (Italy) in 16 giugno 1983.
At the age of nine, he starts studying piano.
During his learning path, he studied home editing,Harmony, ryhthm and groove, composition for video and other kind of media production.

In 2001 he descovered his passion for electronic music and the great potential that this dimension can offer.
In 2005 he gave birth to his own musical project, called: "Groupzero", with wich he experiments different kind of sound production, like circuit bending.
In 2006 he joins, as a composer, the theatrical group " I pedoni dell'aria". For this group, he created the for different performances: "4 - Waiting For Platone" (2008), "Me/Dea" (2009), "Trauerspiel" (2010).In these projects, he collaborated with Neil Leonard (Teacher of "Sound production and new media" of Berklee College of Boston).
In 2010 he worked with "I pedoni dell'aria" to give birth to a Electronic/vocal live performance: "Sonata per parole e altre rovine".

He has a great passion for ancient music, infact he start studying Harpsichord at conservatory of "San pietro a Majella" in naples.

Today he is studying Electronic music production at Conservatory of "San Pietro a Majella" under the lead of the musician Agostino di Scipio.