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catalogue nr.: form-net-39
artist: Project Stoerfaktor
album: Distorted Music 4 Distorted People
style: rhythmic noise
release date: July 1, 2012
track list:
After the last album ended up as successful and had more than 9,000 downloads, Project Stoerfaktor is now back with a new full-length album. Project Stoerfaktor is the solo project of T. Stiens.

Project Stoerfaktor .... not easy to describe: We just call it rhythm, noise, industrial noise, or just CRASH ... but not always just loud. The project proves there is another way of irritation with his new release "Distorted Distorted Music 4 People." Clever produced music with hard rhythm and beautiful vocal samples. The 13 songs on the album tell a story. Straight and very clear Rhytmic noise. A must have for any fan of the old, hard school

01. Intro
02. Suizidal
03. Vitae
04. ABC Massenvernichtung
05. District One
06. Invasion
07. Gruppendynamischer Sterbeprozess
08. Abort 2012
09. Automatism
10. Vietnam War Radio
11. Propaganda
12. Schizophrenie [reedit]
13. v2a version 2_0 [reedit]
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