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catalogue nr.: form-net-40
artist: Krokar
album: Ourang Medan
style: ambient / experimental
release date: November 13, 2013
track list:
dark, mystical, experimental, hopeful, reassuring mitreisend wonderful. These are just some of the new features Krokar albums.

With "ourang Medan" Krokar presents us his second album. Six wonderful tracks are waiting to be discovered. The spherical sound carpets are taking us into Krokars wonderful world. Ourang Medan is a perfect album for those cold winter days. Just sitting in your chair with a warm tea and let your thoughts freely. Total relaxation.

1. The rats on the ship
2. Alone in the sands
3. Cameraman
4. Street Photography
5. The rythm of the Hunt
6. Winter night (remix)
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