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catalogue nr.: form-ta-02
artist: Dead Voices On Air
album: Flojt
style: experimental / Ambient
release date: September 5, 2016
track list:
1. Trote.Fljot
2. Wistle.Kjarra
3. Tambour_Akrar
4. Nogel_Agoir
5. Ciclo_Flot
6. Trote_DeuxFlojt
7. Fohn_Baro
8. Flote_Langa
9. Stacja.Fjall

Flojt is a tape release.
It is music, of sorts.
It is collage.
It is not a collage.
It is accidental.
It is entirely planned, in great detail.
It is whatever you want it to be.
It is entirely redundant to write media releases.
There is no such thing as ‘the media.’ Only those who want to influence your thoughts or your buying habits.
You either access this kind of ‘art’ or you do not.
You might access it, if you have the curiousity and energy to search, or you might bump into it by accident. Generally though, it is dumped upon your head from a great height by some kind of business mogul, aka SHARK who thinks they know what you want to listen to. This is ofcourse not the case. They only know what they want to SELL you. If you allow this to happen, you have been DUPED. So wake up, smell the coffee. You have alternatives. For example: Take a walk outside and disconnect from the stream of mediocrity that assaults your senses.
Enjoy blissful silence.
Reject noise.
Dead Voices on Air.
Who have been doing this for quite some time and should know better.

This is a full length cassette album, also available as a download. Handmade sleeve, tracing paper, jute, label with handmade art card in envelope. Pre-release sales details will be announced very shortly. Watch this space!
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