form-cd1-08 is out - strom noir - lorawa, published on: 03.03.2008 by the editorial office

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Today the new format noise cd is out. The cd includes eleven ambient / experimental tracks from the slovakian artist strom noir.

About strom noir:

strom noir comes from Slovakia and was formed in the beginning of 2007 by Emil Matko (b. 1979 in Banska Bystrica / Czechoslovakia). Emil has been composing music since 2000 when he founded down-tempo / trip hop band called mindMap.
In 1998 he also established tape/cd-r label called black orchid productions focused on ambient, industrial and experimental music with almost 60 releases out today.

music of strom noir flows between slow ambient and minimal electronic sound with using of electric and acoustic guitar loops and synths as a basis integrated with field recordings and various abstract sounds. result of this mixture are the minimalistic atmospheric soundscapes strongly touched by the melancholy.