NEW NETRELEASE - (form-net-19) - andreas brandal - gothic wrench, published on: 13.05.2008 by the editorial office

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No music, just noises, clicks and beeps. Pure experimental. Check it out!!

Andreas Brandal is from Bergen, Norway. He has been making music with
various bands and projects since the late 80's. In 1994 he released his
first recording as a solo artist, a cassette-single titled "Tape 1",
followed in 1995 by 2 more cassettes.In 1996 he released his first vinyl
single "Better Than Casters" on his own label. In this period he also
participated on various compilations and music for art and web projects.
In 1997 the Smalltown Supersound label released a split vinyl single with
Andreas Brandal and Bruce Russell (The Dead C / A Handful Of Dust).In 1998
Andreas and fellow musician Jarle Nordvik formed the guitar-noise improv
duo Larmoyant. Besides Larmoyant and his solo-work Andreas is involved in
several other bands and duo-projects.