NEW NETRELEASE - THE S.A.D. - LIVE AT AUSKLANG FESTIVAL, published on: 03.05.2009 by the editorial office

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The !S.A.D!, is a solo project about audiovisual live performances, electro/acoustic music, video digital arts, and digital freedom started in 2006.

The !S.A.D! is based in Italy, Rome and his works have been performed/showcased over Europe, Eastern Europe and South America. Behind the scene there is Marco Donnarumma, multimedia artist, producer, live performer and bass player who started to explore new/live media in 2000.

This album is a 23 minute live cut from the ausklang festival in hamburg (germany) in december 2008. It was maybe the best part of the whole festival. All listeners and the german press was very inspired about this great great live gig. So download and enjoy it!