NEW CD IN OUR SHOP, published on: 05.06.2009 by the editorial office

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Hello togehter,

our main Label RAUMKLANG MUSIC released this week their new album. It's a rhytm and noise album from the german formation "Defekt". Defekt combinates pushing beats with fascinating melodies and voice parts. If you like pushing it. The cover is made of old, but very good conditional, 5 1/4 floppy disks. So every cd is unique.

About Defekt:

DEFEKT was founded in 2001. We released our first CD "Noise Experiment" in the same year. 2003 we act on the X-Tractor-Festival 2003 with other Bands like Winterkälte, Asche, Grendel, Punch Inc and many more. In june 2006 we released our 2nd Album called "Atomkultur" at the Infraschall-Festival in Oberhausen. In june 2009 we released our Cd "Cults from Beyond" with the record label Raumklang music.