NEW NETRELEASE - Mnem Onic - Re_noised 2009, published on: 16.09.2009 by the editorial office

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Re_noised 2009 is a beautifull album between idm and ambient. The artist "Mnem Onic" presents 4 tracks with nice melodies and drones, combinated with nonchalant idm beats. So download it!!

About Mnem_Onic:

Mnem_onic is an audio-artist who started making music in 2004 discovering a whole gamma of computerised editing programs.

He works from project to project. Each time on another subject. Some projects produced tend more to IDM, other times they lean near more to Artcore, glitch, drillnbass, ambient, all appending the mindstate I'm in.

Always making the kind of music my feeling tells him to and being as innovative, ideological, musical, open minded and tastefull as he can is my purpose.

He use loved ones as inspiration, do this only cuz he love it. Nothing more nothing less! His love is his engine.

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