ekral & Vasil Rafailov-svatky prachu - days of dust, published on: 25.11.2007 by the editorial office

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The two czech guys Erik Kral and Vasil Rafailov creates a wounderfull album with experimental warm beats and pads fed with spoken words. Here you can read their own describtion.

Days of dust are the days when nothing significant is happening. Everything is too quiet, there are no bright colours and no loud noises. We are waiting for something but we do not expect anything in particular. There may be a surprise waiting round the corner, may be there is not. We keep quiet. We avoid to look each other in the eyes and we do not make promises. We do not believe we can rely on anything even not on ourselves. Days of dust are the days with no presence. These days have only past. We can not live them we can only remember them.
We have had our days of dust, it is past now and these are the memories. I left mine on the paper and Erik left his on the computer