NEW RELEASE: Circuitnoise - coronal loops of noise - core , published on: 10.12.2018 by the editorial office

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Circuitnoise - coronal loops of noise - core

This time Circuitnoise explores the coronal loops of the sun. The magnetic flux within the solar body gets twisted and mangled and create these giant loops. These loops of fire are emitting electromagnetic pulses, which could be recorded by radio telescopes all over the world.

On the search for new sounds Circuitnoise uses the electromagnetic sounds of the sun and combine them with electromagnetic fieldrecordings from earth to a dark, rumbling and screaming sound collage.

The coronal loops of noise is a trilogy consisting of the recordings core, matter and fusion.

recorded by Jens Rosenfeld in Darmstadt in November 2017
mixed and mastering by Jens Rosenfeld in May 2018

Side A: coronal loops of noise - core
Side B: Ost Stern (live@Ost-Stern - Frankfurt)