02. new release "form-net-9" is out!, published on: 17.10.2007 by the editorial office
The russian projekt "himmelkommando" produces sounds between ambient noise, free improvisation and empirical experiences with a sound and music. We are proud to release the new album "fifth angel". Himmelkommando presents us four dark and experimental tracks with a perfect balance between ambient music and noise carpets. I hope you enjoy it. Tracklist: angel 1 angel 2 angel 3 angel 4...
01. official homepage is online, published on: 04.10.2007 by the editorial office
well it's done. After a long time of using only the myspace page as our homepage, now our official website is online. Boris Gospodinov, the head of PolygonCount Studios created the artwork and done a great job. Cheers to him!
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