22. 2nd part of mp3 collection availlable on cd, published on: 03.06.2008 by the editorial office
Hello again,

after a big run on our first net collection cd release, now the 2nd part of our mp3 collection is availlable on cd.

On the nice coverd cd are all netreleases from form-net-11 to form-net-20 plus gratis bonus mix. The price is just 5€ (shipping included).

So come on and get it if you want. Bye for now.

Yours format noise
21. NEN NETRELEASE (form-net-20) - Vladislav Buben - intermission, published on: 03.06.2008 by the editorial office
With form-net-20 there is a little dream come true. We got the great belarusian artist Vladislav Buben for a release. With "intermission" Vladislav presents us a fantastic 4 track EP with a deep atmosphere. Nice pads in an experimental coat. You must download this album. It's a milestone of the experimental music art. VLADISLAV BUBEN musician, promoter, artist, creator of some radio and art projects from Belarus. Vladislav repres...
20. NEW NETRELEASE - (form-net-19) - andreas brandal - gothic wrench, published on: 13.05.2008 by the editorial office
No music, just noises, clicks and beeps. Pure experimental. Check it out!! Andreas Brandal is from Bergen, Norway. He has been making music with various bands and projects since the late 80's. In 1994 he released his first recording as a solo artist, a cassette-single titled "Tape 1", followed in 1995 by 2 more cassettes.In 1996 he released his first vinyl single "Better Than Casters" on his own label. In this perio...
19. NEW NETRELEASE - (form-net-18) - distopia - the somnambulist, published on: 21.04.2008 by the editorial office
Our new netrelease is comming out today. Experimental ambient music from the great greek act distopia. distopia was formed in 2005, location: Athens, Greece. Sole member-Nick. Inspired by the urban industrial sub-culture, combining both social and religious/occult/sci-fi themes. Dark, haunting atmospheres, dark pounding beats, noisy and violent soundscapes and twisted surreal graphics. The sound could be described as dark ambient, industrial, ...
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