14. form-cd1-08 is out - strom noir - lorawa, published on: 03.03.2008 by the editorial office
Today the new format noise cd is out. The cd includes eleven ambient / experimental tracks from the slovakian artist strom noir. About strom noir: strom noir comes from Slovakia and was formed in the beginning of 2007 by Emil Matko (b. 1979 in Banska Bystrica / Czechoslovakia). Emil has been composing music since 2000 when he founded down-tempo / trip hop band called mindMap. In 1998 he also established tape/cd-r label called black orchid...
13. form-net-15 is out: owt kri - fairytale on a flowerbed, published on: 07.02.2008 by the editorial office
This project was started by Kenneth Kovasin in late 2005, first using the name “fear.my.death”. Soon, though, he was changed to his modern form "owt kri" (the phonetic way to write “Outcry”). He is been making all kinds of music during the years, grind, death, rock, country, techno and even rap. One day listening to the likes of Sunn, khanate and such he started thinking: “I can do something like this”. well the KRI!was bo...
12. sample player added, published on: 17.01.2008 by the editorial office
we've added a new sample player. It will play automatically if you open the release. So you can listen to some of the tracks to build your picture about it.
11. form-net-14 is out: pharmakustik - organic obstruction, published on: 17.01.2008 by the editorial office
The new album "organic obstruction" is out. The german sound artist pharmakustik presents us 4 wounderfull and animating tracks. Pharmakustik might be a new path of sound-innovation in today's technological music that often lacks the approach of profound sound-experimentations by focussing just on preset-sounds, melodies and familiar song-structures. Pharmakustik instead consists of reduced and syncopated rhythmic patterns, clinicall...
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