37. Bug fixed, published on: 07.03.2009 by the editorial office
Today we fixed the bug and moved to another hoster as rapidshare. The download is much more comfortable now. Just click the download button and the download starts automatically after some seconds.
36. Download problems, published on: 03.03.2009 by the editorial office
Hi noisers,

during the last days we have some problems with the downloadlinks for some of our albums. We are sorry and try to fix the problem in the next 2-3 days. Thanks for your understanding.

format noise
35. NEW NETRELEASE (form-net-26) - Golgotha Communications, published on: 03.01.2009 by the editorial office
This 10 track album, called "partial end remarse" is a brilliant dark ambient work. A mysterious atmosphere surrounds all the songs and makes the gloomy mood tangible for the listener. This album from "Golgotha Communications" is a grandiose start in the year 2009. So, have fun and enjoy it. We will be thankful for your feedbacks. upcomming net-releases: form-net-27: Ruffle - uplink to ruffle form-net-28: Potenti...
32. RECORD YOUR NEW YEAR LIVE PERFORMANCE, published on: 13.12.2008 by the editorial office
Hello together,

we're planing a event. The idea is simple....

Are you having a gig on silvester or are you doing music at a party or together with friends? If yes, record your live performance and send us the data. We will choose the best ones and do a release in january with this tracks.

So be a part of it and join us.
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