55. News & Updates, published on: 18.09.2010 by the editorial office
1. After a long time of trouble with our old webhoster, we changed to another one and uploaded all releases there. Now all the download links are working again. Have fun and download all our great releases for free. 2. Be patient about our two next releases of the artists "d.Forma" and "Groupzero". They will follow this week. We will inform you by sending a newsletter than. 3. Have a look at our latest CD Releases...
54. SUMMER BREAK, published on: 10.08.2010 by the editorial office
format noise is in holiday till 1st of september. We will not answer to mails or any other requests in this time. So see ya soon.
53. NEW CD - FEINE TRINKERS BEI PINKELS DAHEIM - AHUENNA, published on: 14.06.2010 by the editorial office
„AHUENNA“ ALBUM INFO This album consists of a single, 45 minute long title. No computer, no digital sound preparer. Everything live. Contact microphone, sound effect units and various other sources. The entire piece was recorded at home in the studio of “Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels Daheim”. Pure, live produced sound. “Ahuenna” is a typical album but still different. With “Ahuenna” Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim has broke...
52. NEW CD RELEASE GOLGOTHA COMMUNICATIONS LTD. - ALL WHEELS BE ONE, published on: 02.03.2010 by the editorial office
GOLOGOTHA COMMUNICATIONS LTD. is the main project of Philadelphia-based sound artists Jozef K·rpovsky, Penny Petticoat, and GRECO-NORWEGIAN. With the Album "all wheels be one", Golgotha Communications shows us a very personal side of himself. The Album contains 33 tracks. A mix between textures, ambient, field records and experimental tunes. This album is one of the highlights in 2010. Thats for sure. So be quick and buy your per...
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