45. NEW NETRELEASE - Mnem Onic - Re_noised 2009, published on: 16.09.2009 by the editorial office
Re_noised 2009 is a beautifull album between idm and ambient. The artist "Mnem Onic" presents 4 tracks with nice melodies and drones, combinated with nonchalant idm beats. So download it!! About Mnem_Onic: Mnem_onic is an audio-artist who started making music in 2004 discovering a whole gamma of computerised editing programs. He works from project to project. Each time on another subject. Some projects produced tend more to ID...
44. New gigs are online at our myspace page, published on: 10.08.2009 by the editorial office
Watch out the new gig section at our myspace homepage. Here you can find interesting gigs all around the world, where artists of format noise performing live.

click here to see all gigs
43. NEW NETRELEASE - Le mal d' archive - Avec les temps, published on: 26.07.2009 by the editorial office
Le Mal D'Archive is a project at the turn of independent electronic and sound design that sees its distinctive feature in the intersection between two apparently irreconcilable worlds such as experimental music on the one hand and the "chanson" for the more harmonious and Matrix melodic heritage of Italian music on the other. The new album of them is named "avec les temps" and includes four tracks. Great melodic, experiment...
42. NEW CD IN OUR SHOP, published on: 05.06.2009 by the editorial office
Hello togehter, our main Label RAUMKLANG MUSIC released this week their new album. It's a rhytm and noise album from the german formation "Defekt". Defekt combinates pushing beats with fascinating melodies and voice parts. If you like pushing music...buy it. The cover is made of old, but very good conditional, 5 1/4 floppy disks. So every cd is unique. About Defekt: DEFEKT was founded in 2001. We released our first CD "Noi...
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