93. NEW RELEASE: V.A. - Янка Дягилева. По ветру в вечность, published on: 20.11.2014 by the editorial office
By Wind To Eternity» is an electronic tribute to Yanka Dyagileva, punk singer from Siberia, who committed suicide in 1991. Different interpretations of her songs are performed in a wide variety of genres - from IDM and witch house to drone noise and breakcore. With already known names like Tatlum, RecFrag and Tokee there are tracks from many Russian dark electronic projects like Children Slyness or Dark Voices Of Angelique. Mastered by Anatoly T...
88. NEW RELEASE: RECFRAG & L.A.L - PREMONITION BEFORE AND AFTER, published on: 03.11.2014 by the editorial office
We are proud to present you the new split/collab release of RecFrag and Letzte Ausfahrt Leben. 5 energetic tracks from industrial to rhytmic noise are smashing into your face. So take your legs in your hand and dance. http://www.format-noise.com/releases.php?viewRelease=51...
82. NEW RELEASE: OWT KRI - WHITE GLACIERS, published on: 06.10.2014 by the editorial office
After a break of 6 years we proudly present you owt kri's new album "White Glaciers". White Glaciers is a very trippy and compelling album. It's a fantastic mixture of experimental electronic music, mixed with classical instruments and exciting drones. Don't miss it

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75. NEW RELEASE: NOBODISOUNDZ - SONGES D'UNE NUIT D'ETHER, published on: 21.09.2013 by the editorial office
This is the second strike of Nobodisoundz. songes d'une nuit d'ether is a deep trip into his world. Experimental soundscarpets that sounds like from another world are waiting for you. The e.p. includes 5 beautiful tracks + a 15 minute long amazing video.

Download the video here:

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