64. format noise has grown, published on: 01.02.2012 by the editorial office
format noise has grown. Sandy Arto since this week is on board with us and assist in the management of the label. He is supporting us in finding new artists and in the operating business.
63. NEW RELEASE: RAFAL FÜRST - UNTITLED, published on: 29.01.2012 by the editorial office
Rafal Fürst is a new face in the Polish dark techno scene. Holding a preference for dark, offbeat techno, he began his musical career as a DJ in 2009.From the production side, Rafal's main focus lies in minimalistic and offbeat structures, coupled with dark rhythmic textures and deep spacious backgrounds. With his album "untitled" he offers us a very deep experimental work. Dark and beautiful textures waiting to be listened....
62. New Release: Krokar - Respiration, published on: 25.11.2011 by the editorial office
His new album "Respiration" is a great mix between experimental electronic music and idm. Very balanced beautiful tracks with interesting field-recordings makes listening to this album a pleasure.
61. NEW NETRELEASE: TATLUM - SUBJECT, published on: 18.07.2011 by the editorial office
It's done! Here is the long awaited new album from the russian Powernoise project "Tatlum". The album "Subject" contains ten brilliant powernoise tracks with stomping beats and glitched melodies. Download and enjoy!!


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